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Internet Marketing 2.0: Using Online PR strategies In The Search Engines

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Internet Marketing is booming. According to a study by only, for more than 150 marketing professionals in the U.S., Canada and 12 European countries were surveyed, 84% believe that the focus of their marketing activities towards the Internet moves. The reason for the change is primarily the large spectrum of new media that are available as tools for Internet marketing. Thus, the increasing interest for new channels like social media (micro-blogs, social communities), rich media (video and podcasts) or mobile channels. Especially small marketing budgets offers the use of new Internet marketing tools a great opportunity: providing outstanding range and high target group relevance and manageable costs. Search engines play a crucial role in the Internet marketing. When searching for products and services Google and Co. are the first choice. It is therefore important to climb with smart Internet marketing strategies in the search engines to the top. The Online PR provides effective and above all cost effective tools to optimize the hit rate in the search engines long term and reach new customers and potential customers directly.
Search engine PR (SEO PR) for more coverage

So far, mainly SEO and SEM strategies used to optimize the visibility in the search engines. But only about a third of search engine rankings are influenced by the technical optimization of a website (= page optimization). The predominant influence on the ranking is done by actions outside the site (= off page optimization). A very effective and most importantly, sustainable way to climb into the top search engine results lists, offers search engine optimized online PR (SEO PR). To take advantage of the positive effect of SEO PR for the internet marketing, it is important to understand how the search engines.

Search Engines Work For People

People looking for information using search terms (keywords). To list relevant search results, search the Internet search engines robots to regularly for new content on specific keywords and rank the content according to certain criteria. Plays mainly the thematic content and relevance of web content a crucial role.

The Relevance Of Web Content Is Measured Mainly By Two Factors:

1) Content quality: well-written, timely articles with themenrelvanten content and keywords.
2) Link building: a vast network with other thematically relevant websites (backlinks)

Using The Tools Of Online PR Can Both Main Criteria Of The Search Engines A Positive Influence:

Keywords and links play in the Internet marketing is a very crucial role

Search engines love text. Press releases consist of current and editorially processed, and thus provide information, good food 'for Google and keywords in the title and text of the press release supporting the finding of the press releases in the search engines using relevant search terms. In particular, in the headline and teaser in the placement of keywords is important. But only what is sought, can also be found. The press release should contain important keywords that are sought by customers. Eye-catching creations from the marketing jargon should be replaced by generic terms from the everyday language of the customer.

Tips: A keyword analysis tool can help you with the word-finding and evaluation of search queries.

The publication of press releases on the Internet also supports the link-building strategy. Follow the links from press releases and contact information in news releases, links back to the company's website generates (backlinks). For a good position in the results pages of search engines so far-reaching publishing and linking of PR copy on the Internet is important.

The links are also a bridge between customer and company. Deep links to the home page or a specific landing page lead directly to the interested parties so that the point of sale and are therefore very important for Internet marketing.

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