Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Google is making first foray into credit business

So Google will become a bank - Google launches a program for financing by credit card at lower interest rates for businesses:

Google BankGoogle is becoming a bank. The Financial Times says that the global economic crisis, and banks in trouble who can lend you money? The giants of the Internet, for example, Apple or Big G, Creating a funding program for small and medium sized enterprises.

The system involves the emission of a credit card - Produced in partnership with Barclays - that companies can use to fund their campaigns on AdWords. Costs of advertising on the platform financed by lower interest loan, on average, to the credit cards of other banks, less than 9%, with a wide range, from $ 200 up to a maximum of one hundred thousand in the United States, and 11, 9% in the United Kingdom. Already the first experiments took place last year with success, to date, however, can be accessed by invitation, and it is not yet clear which countries will be issued these credit cards.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Google Launches Disavow Links Tool

If it appears that Google is going constantly with new features and tools, is because it's true. Google recently launched tool  disavow link tool  as a way to manage your online reputation, along with the new feature of percentage changes.
These new features allow a webmaster to compare the data in a given time period to another time period selected.

This new feature is aimed at the visual. It is easy to understand and that makes it easy to locate, you can quickly see where improvements are needed.

Google also has a help page about the new tool click here Disavow Links

You can tool found in here

Matt Cutts has also ready a nearly 10 minute long video about the tool, which you can find below:

Friday, October 12, 2012

Google Dance is back

What is Google Dance?
Google Dance
Google Dance
Google dance was a phenomenon that was created by Google's algorithm. Because Google earlier on average once pear months adjustments made to the results, it was possible that your website by penalty temporarily indexed. You had to wait until the next Google update to recover. Because a website than ever tossed was in search was hurled get that effect Google Dance.Google dance was at one point in the past. The reason was that Google actually did make daily changes. Because the changes were performed daily fluctuation were therefore not so big, so there was an end to Google Dance.

Google Dance is back!

Times change daily and slow changes are over. The reason for this is mainly the new Google updates. Updates as Penguin, Panda and DMCA Penalty can ensure that your site will score worse in the search engines. These effects can your site at once hard hit and it takes a long time before you get back, in some cases you yourself even better return, this effect is very similar to the old Google Dance.

The Panda dance:

If you're hit by a Panda update, you obviously need adjustments to your website to do. If you have made these adjustments, do not you come back steadily, but only restore your website in the search results can as the next Panda update rolled out.

The Penguin Dance:

It is still very unclear how quickly you recover from a Penguin update. You can request a review by Google and wait or your site automatically recovers. Google itself indicates that you must wait until the restore, my experience is that the recovery is very long overdue.

Pirates dance:

If Google determines that your website authors rights violating your site is displayed in lower search results. It is still very unclear how long the duration and, if you can restore them.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Google Panda Update 20th

Google Panda 20th

Google Panda 20th

In my previous post I told you that Google algorithm update is busy with that exact match domain (EMD UPDATE) will approach. This is mainly EMD sites with poor content.

Google has also admitted that there were parallel to the EMD update also a Panda update is in progress. The Panda update is Thursday started and is still ongoing and will continue until after the weekend.

Google has conjointly aforementioned that they're going to continue rolling updates for this Panda formula and Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Webspam team has been quoted within the media as spoken communication.

Here is the quote:

In fact, Matt said 2.4% of English queries were impacted and 0.5% of non-English queries were impacted.

Google has also indicated that this is not just a Panda refresh, but also a real update to the Panda filter. This update will also more website apply. This update is impact 2.4% of English language websites and 0.5% other language in france, spanish, websites affected.

I'm not sure yet what I'm going to call this Panda update. In international forums, the Panda 20, because the 20th is the Panda update. And read more here- 20th Google Panda Algorithm Update: Fairly Major , Google Panda Update 20 Released, 2.4% Of English Queries Impacted

Thursday, October 4, 2012

New Guidelines for Google Webmaster

As in the official Google blog read, operators have Google updated the guidelines for webmasters. Compliance with Google's Webmaster Guidelines is strongly recommended, as it can lead to a deterioration in disregard of the ranking of a website through algorithmic or manual action by the spam team from Google ...
New Guidelines for Google Webmaster

As in relation to the optimization of websites in the first place, the quality guidelines are of interest, in the following, the updated version of these guidelines as well as the major changes:

Google quality guidelines - Basic principles :

    * Make pages primarily for users, not for search engines
    * Do not deceive your users
    * Avoid tricks intended to improve search engine ranking
    * Think about what your site is unique, useful or attractive one

Avoid using the following techniques:

Changes :

In reading the detail pages to the forbidden techniques of Google we have noticed the following changes:

    * Sending products when users write something about it and add a link to
    * Forum comments with optimized links in the post or in the signature
    * Links within widgets that are distributed across sites
    * Links that are inserted in articles without proper context
    * Not the focus of a website matching snippet markups, such as Fake Reviews
    * Text blocks with cities and countries, appear for a website in the ranking is
    * Widely distributed in the footer links from different websites

Besides apparently bought or bartered links it is according to the new guidelines of Google now also no longer allowed, the free shipment of products that diffuse proliferation of widgets or excessive comment spam disproportionate to generate many links ...

If you still find more significant changes in the new guidelines may, if you wish, post them as comments.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Google goes bad exact match domains addressing

Exact Match Domains
 Recently, I wrote regarding changes we’ve been following in however Google treats Exact-Match Domains (EMDs).  (Friday, 9/28), Matt Cutts tweeted the subsequent message:

Matt Cutts
has stated in a Tweet That Google domain names on any keyword focus and poor quality content offering tackle.

It has always taken for granted That leg he scored very well in the search results as your domain name matches the keyword you want to be found. This has always been a drawback. Lots of websites with relevant content and barely a few backlinks Often scored very well in search results.

Google Goes According To Matt its axis algorithms customize websites with 'exact match domain name with bad content Addressed. This does not mean That All websites Addressed. Read more think about EMD  (exact match domains) related please check here - Google's EMD Algo Update , Exact Match Domains No Longer Rank As Well