Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Benefits Of News Archives For The Internet Marketing

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The publication of press releases via press portals can increase the range considerably in the search engines. There is now a large number of free news archives. News portals are usually listed by the search engines well, since they include the most current information. In addition, the press releases stored permanently in the archives of the portals and thus remain in the long run the Internet. Permanent archives search engine provides a lasting effect. With the help of a far-reaching dissemination of press releases can be so potential customers and prospective customers on the Internet to reach directly. The press release is an important Internet marketing tool.

To minimize the manual effort required for the multiple detection in the individual portals low, supports the online Internet Marketing service  companies and agencies in the distribution of press releases on the Internet and provides centralized access to news archives, news services such as RSS directories and social media like Twitter, Facebook and Friend Feed.

The communication media of Web 2.0, new instruments were created for the Internet marketing. Companies now have the opportunity to engage in dialogue with customers and prospects and current information to guide targeted. Allows for direct self-publication of information, it also companies with small budgets, to achieve a wide range on the Internet. Those who manage to create interesting content for their target groups and media-friendly recycle has a good chance that online PR as a very effective internet marketing tool for attracting new customers to use the Internet.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Internet Marketing 2.0: Using Online PR strategies In The Search Engines

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Internet Marketing is booming. According to a study by only, for more than 150 marketing professionals in the U.S., Canada and 12 European countries were surveyed, 84% believe that the focus of their marketing activities towards the Internet moves. The reason for the change is primarily the large spectrum of new media that are available as tools for Internet marketing. Thus, the increasing interest for new channels like social media (micro-blogs, social communities), rich media (video and podcasts) or mobile channels. Especially small marketing budgets offers the use of new Internet marketing tools a great opportunity: providing outstanding range and high target group relevance and manageable costs. Search engines play a crucial role in the Internet marketing. When searching for products and services Google and Co. are the first choice. It is therefore important to climb with smart Internet marketing strategies in the search engines to the top. The Online PR provides effective and above all cost effective tools to optimize the hit rate in the search engines long term and reach new customers and potential customers directly.
Search engine PR (SEO PR) for more coverage

So far, mainly SEO and SEM strategies used to optimize the visibility in the search engines. But only about a third of search engine rankings are influenced by the technical optimization of a website (= page optimization). The predominant influence on the ranking is done by actions outside the site (= off page optimization). A very effective and most importantly, sustainable way to climb into the top search engine results lists, offers search engine optimized online PR (SEO PR). To take advantage of the positive effect of SEO PR for the internet marketing, it is important to understand how the search engines.

Search Engines Work For People

People looking for information using search terms (keywords). To list relevant search results, search the Internet search engines robots to regularly for new content on specific keywords and rank the content according to certain criteria. Plays mainly the thematic content and relevance of web content a crucial role.

The Relevance Of Web Content Is Measured Mainly By Two Factors:

1) Content quality: well-written, timely articles with themenrelvanten content and keywords.
2) Link building: a vast network with other thematically relevant websites (backlinks)

Using The Tools Of Online PR Can Both Main Criteria Of The Search Engines A Positive Influence:

Keywords and links play in the Internet marketing is a very crucial role

Search engines love text. Press releases consist of current and editorially processed, and thus provide information, good food 'for Google and keywords in the title and text of the press release supporting the finding of the press releases in the search engines using relevant search terms. In particular, in the headline and teaser in the placement of keywords is important. But only what is sought, can also be found. The press release should contain important keywords that are sought by customers. Eye-catching creations from the marketing jargon should be replaced by generic terms from the everyday language of the customer.

Tips: A keyword analysis tool can help you with the word-finding and evaluation of search queries.

The publication of press releases on the Internet also supports the link-building strategy. Follow the links from press releases and contact information in news releases, links back to the company's website generates (backlinks). For a good position in the results pages of search engines so far-reaching publishing and linking of PR copy on the Internet is important.

The links are also a bridge between customer and company. Deep links to the home page or a specific landing page lead directly to the interested parties so that the point of sale and are therefore very important for Internet marketing.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Can you put together a celebrity fragrance deal?

Let's just say you know someone who is a celebrity, perhaps not a very big celebrity (which may be good!) but at least a celebrity in your city or region or among your social media group. How would you like to put out a celebrity fragrance using this person as your celebrity?

There are a few things you'll need that you probably understand already. First you have to be able to produce a fragrance. You can learn how to do this on just about any scale by reading "Creating Your Own Perfume With A 1700 Percent Markup!"

Then you have to be able to market this fragrance. You can get some ideas on how to do this by reading "Basic Strategies For Selling Your Own Perfume!"

But what makes this project special is that you are going to do it in the name of this local celebrity you know or know of and this means you have to negotiate a deal with her or him or their agent or manager if they have one.

As you go over the deal in your head it probably looks something like this: "You give me your name, image and fame; I'll make up a fragrance and sell it in your name and we'll divide the profits." Simple.

Alas, if you've never seen egos collide you are about to. It will be ugly and it will probably happen before your have earned a penny. While you, the enterprising marketer, are going to do all the work, pay all the expenses and take all the risk, your celebrity suddenly gets millionaire visions and sees you hogging all that money while they are getting screwed. Explosion! It is time now for serious negotiations.

I have seen these explosions. They can be very surprising to any budding entrepreneur or promoter who thinks he or she is working on the basis of friendship. You wouldn't be anything else but perfectly ethical and honest. But surprise! Dreams of great wealth have a way of twisting otherwise level headed heads. It really is time now for serious negotiations.

Negotiations. Why? What?

Vigorous arms-length negotiations before you launch your promotion can save you endless future headaches. But what do you need to negotiate? There can't be too much to it ... or can there?

Let's look at a few issues. You're going to be doing almost all the work -- but you'll be using your celebrity's name and fame. You're doing it to make money for yourself but you know, or you should know, that once things get rolling your celebrity is going to be looking for money too. So how do you work that?

At one time some fairly well known celebrities could be hired -- for a fee -- to endorse a fragrance. Of course this involved what seemed at the time to be a fairly substantial fee, and it was guaranteed, up front, regardless of whether the marketer made money or not.

Today royalty agreements are more common. You negotiate a license with the celebrity or, in reality, with their managers and lawyers.

But what is this royalty? And is that all that needs to be negotiated?

In fact, setting a royalty rate and negotiating how it will be calculated and paid is a fine art in itself. In your case look at the complications. Suppose the royalty is on sales -- but you make some sales yourself, directly to consumers, and other sales to stores which then sell to consumers -- two different types of sales so are there going to be two different royalty rates?

And what about your expenses? Can they be deducted? What about stores that fail to pay you for the bottles you gave them? Can that loss be deducted?

What about a failed promotion? Does your celebrity now get nothing or is there a guarantee? And does the celebrity get any money up front? And is that a signing bonus or an advance on royalties which later must be earned? When are the payments to your celebrity due? How can he or she check on your accounting to make sure it is honest? What happens if one of you wants to get out of the deal? What happens if somebody sues you claiming they were harmed by your fragrance? Does your celebrity get dragged into a lawsuit, even though he or she had nothing to do with making the fragrance?

Negotiating a workable understanding -- a license -- is the heart of any celebrity fragrance deal. These deals are usually negotiated by lawyers but if you, on a small scale, want to wing it with a local celebrity, at least want to be aware of the important issues. And you want your celebrity (or her boyfriend, his girlfriend, or their manager) to be aware of what you are doing and to understand the implications. And you want to get it all down in writing, even if you're only writing up a simple letter of agreement.

My thoughts on this topic and some of the points I discovered while reviewing a major celebrity's license with an un-famous marketer led me to write up a simple introduction to this topic -- "Setting Up Your Own Celebrity Fragrance Deal: Introduction to the Basics" -- which you can purchase and download at my website.

Monday, March 12, 2012

SEO Tips From The Experts

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Geir Ellefsen of edgyseo.com asked earlier this year a number of renowned SEO experts to forecast a future in 2012. Since it will undoubtedly be interesting for you too probably, what tips Rand Fishkin , Danny Dover , Aaron Wall , or even our Marcus Tandler  in terms of future development in search engine optimization  are given, we have the contribution of ` 18 SEO Experts On How To Do SEO In 2012, 'translated into German for you. Here, first the first part, where the total of 18 experts were after their opinion, the best SEO tip asked for 2012 ...

What is your best SEO tip for 2012?

Rand Fishkin, seomoz.org : moves you away from the classic old-school SEO. If you you continue to focus only on some keyword recherche, a little usability and link building, you can watch certain to lose out to those who lose out, their activities on content marketing, viral product marketing, e-mail, social media have extended conversion optimization and branding.

The power of the combination of tactics and the benefit of overlapping marketing practices is awesome.

Dr. Peter J. Meyers, usereffect.com : consolidate consolidate consolidate. I think the great lesson of Panda update that more is not always better. More indexed pages cost Google money and dilute the actual important content. Canonized true duplicates reduced, similar content and eliminates thin content at the minimum. If you offer something that is sure to bring something truly unique to the table. If you're an affiliate, cushions your content enough to.

Will Critchlow, distilled.net : More than ever, I believe that now is the new content. We will see interactive data visualizations that generate tons of links and shares are.

Danny Dover, dannydover.com : SEO is more than just link building, write comments, and tags optimization.

SEO now include the entire site experience. Do not be focused only on traditional SEO, but spread your activities on other marketing channels (e-mail, CRO, Social, PPC). I think this year's winners will be those that come out in the field of online education high. I say that this industry will explode in 2012.

Bas van den Beld, stateofsearch.com : 1 Shareable and personalized attention that makes your content. The Internet is personal. To make things as personal as possible, Google will make Google + to the center of everything. This has the consequence that we will see a lot more personal elements, such as in the SERPS. You should be designed so your content shareable as possible. Incites people to share and distribute your content in the networks. Your content will be shown later in the personalized SERPs.

Second Optimize your snippets. Google is very particular about snippets. Optimize all your snippets, not only descriptions but also rel-author, reviews, everything.

Ann Smarty, myblogguest.com : If your focus was always on content and quality, you will change for next year too little. Perhaps you should try to experiment a little with current content and to follow that current trends. Apart from this, however, is simply business as usual!

Jeremy Schoemaker, shoemoney.com : For the year 2012, I suggest that you build Web pages that link to other people happy.

Aaron Wall, seobook.com : Google is moving its algorithm even further in favor of brands. Just as Google promotes brands, it would be cheaper in many cases, to use one of them sponsored publication opportunities than to build his own site. If you look in the SERPs across a wide selection of keywords, you will find that many of their business models to build on that to be the e How of the e How Facebook or You Tube. In addition to these low-level stories can offer its products on eBay, Amazon or Etsy.

Neil Patel, quicksprout.com : Stop it up, build links too quickly. If you grow too fast, you will see that it will later be difficult to achieve top rankings. In 2012, Slow and Steady 'win' the race. If they do not worth much, but on good links.

Justin Briggs, justinbriggs.org : I would keep an eye on the growth of entity specific search algorithms, with a focus on branding, the Agent Rank / Rank Author and signs of `real 'interests, such as specific products, places, movies, songs, etc . I think an increased fire monitoring, Rel-author, the social graph and schema are early signs of this type of ranking algorithms. Search engines are moving beyond the sides and domain-level and are increasingly better understanding of entities or objects.

Tom Critchlow distilled.net, : focused on you, the user-engagement. I think the fact that Google publicly discussed how this treatment may be preferred by a reward of brands will be marketing professionals understand the importance of the loyalty of their users so slow. Whether it is exactly this metric is or not, I think we will see a slight weakening at the end of the link-based metrics to more social and user-specific metrics.

Gianluca Fiorelli, iloveseo.net : I would strongly recommend that Rel or Rel-Author-Publisher tags to implement, hence the use of Google +.

I think in fact that the author-rank one of the most important factors for Google will be when it comes to recognize authorities, because then they will be able to identify which pages are really popular and authors, both in social as well as in the link graph

It is my firm conviction, that are SEO and social media mix in many areas, and these are 'Rel' to perform to that tool, use the Google (among other signals) to this mixture.

Means as a result of this, that pages do ultimately what we `Inbound marketing 'call to spend less time with traditional SEO measures (although still important) and create a content marketing plan to focus users' needs sets, without forgetting, so users spend their time: with Search (SEO) and social networks (SMO).

As a conclusion, is my best tip: SEOs, if you want to achieve in the years to a good ranking, you have to be In bounder; uses data and code as an SEO, how to communicate a social media expert and planning your content as a content strategist.

Stephan Spencer, stephanspencer.com : An important new area is to improve the Google listings via Rich Snippets. You focused in particular on the correct labeling of videos. Very few companies take advantage of it to date her. I expect that Google will introduce in the near future additional types of rich snippets, especially those who are promoting Google +. Think of Google as hangouts and public circles, as
might be displayed rich snippets in search results.

Marcus Tandler, mediadonis.net : Become a trademark (or at least do so ...). Be socially (but not spamming and annoying nobody). Regardless of which search term, Google would not really show those pages as the best, make the best SEO - Google wants to show those pages that appeal to most users. Will one of these pages, provides users with each of your keywords, the best score!

Dennis Goedegebuure, thenextcorner.net : link and anchor text verification. Each backlink profile of your website to be natural and diverse. This was important as early as 2011, but more importantly, because the algorithms are becoming more sophisticated. It contains a natural ratio of no-follow links to follow.

Scott Polk, obsidianedge.com : Concentrate on those social signal that the search engines really classify as trusted. This will change the NSTIC - Google and Yahoo! Search will put more weight on signals from trusted sites ... Google Plus / profiles, etc.

Trond Lyngbø, metronet.no : Traffic does not equal traffic. Small businesses realize the slow. Instead of optimizing for high-traffic keywords, they will focus on local SEO strategies, which not only attract real customers into the stores, but also ensure that they really spend their money. Conversion, not only traffic will be trump.

SEO experts to help companies realize the true intentions of their customers and to find those long tail keywords that are tailored to the specific needs of the seekers. You have to try to measure the long-term ROI of certain visitors and rankings.

Paradoxically, this lowers the cost even as higher quality traffic means better conversion of sales, less competition and reduced advertising costs.

A trick that way also advances local SEO is, SEO `social '. A site based on potential customer oriented approach is much more effective when it is combined with `social marketing ', as recommended by friends on Facebook Recommend a product, and these are then displayed in search engines or social media platforms.

I think this will be the big winners in 2012 and beyond. We will see that this is the year in which `Search 'and` social' will merge 'social search'.

Russ Jones, virante.com : Half the battle is to efficiently deal with your marketing budget. You should be able to assess what a link is worth about how much closer you approach it brings to your competitors and whether it pays the cost in terms of the expected traffic really well.

multi site strategy. There is absolutely no reason to store all your eggs in the same basket. The only demonstrably proven SEO measure that really works is to have more pages.