Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Google is making first foray into credit business

So Google will become a bank - Google launches a program for financing by credit card at lower interest rates for businesses:

Google BankGoogle is becoming a bank. The Financial Times says that the global economic crisis, and banks in trouble who can lend you money? The giants of the Internet, for example, Apple or Big G, Creating a funding program for small and medium sized enterprises.

The system involves the emission of a credit card - Produced in partnership with Barclays - that companies can use to fund their campaigns on AdWords. Costs of advertising on the platform financed by lower interest loan, on average, to the credit cards of other banks, less than 9%, with a wide range, from $ 200 up to a maximum of one hundred thousand in the United States, and 11, 9% in the United Kingdom. Already the first experiments took place last year with success, to date, however, can be accessed by invitation, and it is not yet clear which countries will be issued these credit cards.

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