Monday, October 1, 2012

Google goes bad exact match domains addressing

Exact Match Domains
 Recently, I wrote regarding changes we’ve been following in however Google treats Exact-Match Domains (EMDs).  (Friday, 9/28), Matt Cutts tweeted the subsequent message:

Matt Cutts
has stated in a Tweet That Google domain names on any keyword focus and poor quality content offering tackle.

It has always taken for granted That leg he scored very well in the search results as your domain name matches the keyword you want to be found. This has always been a drawback. Lots of websites with relevant content and barely a few backlinks Often scored very well in search results.

Google Goes According To Matt its axis algorithms customize websites with 'exact match domain name with bad content Addressed. This does not mean That All websites Addressed. Read more think about EMD  (exact match domains) related please check here - Google's EMD Algo Update , Exact Match Domains No Longer Rank As Well

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