Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Google PageRank (PR) Update November 2012

In November is the Google PageRank (PR) update 2012?

The evidence suggests that we are still in November , the next Google PageRank update in 2012 will get. In particular, it seems unlikely that Google's PageRank abolish could. Here are some arguments:

Arguments for a Google PageRank (PR) Update November 2012
  • The last Google PageRank update is back for a while
  • from Google's perspective, the PageRank represent a particular form of marketing tools, but many SEO learning stare in awe at the change in the little green bar (or just on the corresponding Google data centers)
  • The PageRank is a relic from the early days of 'Google-age' and so precious
  • Larry Page would probably be forgotten, if his name would not keep falling (PAGE rank)
  • Google promotes the PageRank still (subtle) as a kind of quality indicator
  • many SEO learning knew no more, so they should fill their time, Google would not do a PageRank update in November 2012 ;-)
  • They themselves (yes, YOU front of the computer) might never have found this page here, and that would be a real disaster, right?
  • Estimated 0.00037% of the internet would be wasted in the near future (ie wherever the PageRank bar were far)
  • Google itself would have far fewer queries, because no one would more after Google PageRank Update November 2012 search
  • The environment would be charged temporarily strong because all unemployed PageRank bar should be disposed of

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