Saturday, August 4, 2012

Seo importance for Permalinks

What are known as permanent links and how they are generated? That it is very advantageous to have URL to link to an unchanging, is obvious. Because if it is suddenly under a web address to find something different than they were a couple of days, it can be quite annoying, suppose you link information from a press archive, but after some time again It also reflects another article or nothing. To avoid such empty links, permalinks are used.

Where permalinks are used wisely

Permanent or permanent links describe first a fixed URL that has an unchanging content. In a news portal, it is not unusual that can be found at a URL like / news constantly different items. In contrast, receives a user invokes a permalink, always the same thing to face. So we can adjust to the fact that the link is valid in the long run.

Particularly where very large quantities of online content, the presence of permalinks nothing unimportant. For example, if numeric addresses like or be generated in large quantities. That is, among other social networks in the case. Just recently Facebook have Twitter explains how to furnish comments in the future with permalinks. This makes it much easier to refer to a corresponding content by linking to himself.

How permalinks are created?

One way to create permanent links is to set up a web server redirect. For example, there are Apache Server mod rewrite, a module for URL rewriting. The trick is that the server-side module to the visitor a static URL displays in the browser window, although it is in fact a dynamically generated page content with a long string of numbers.

The importance of search engine optimization

With the method can be implemented at the same time very practical SEO concerns. Because the override can make search engine friendly web addresses. For example, by recording instead of a dynamically generated number sequence a unique name in the URL of the page content. This is not only better for users to classify, but also for the search engines crawlers.

URL rewriting set for WordPress, Joomla, etc.

On Twitter or Facebook, you just it, because this takes the platform operator to create the permalinks. Users have to do anything further and will automatically benefit from the unique linking option. But even those who themselves operate a blog or a website does not necessarily set up elaborate procedures. Because so many software platform brings on its ability to create search engine friendly permalinks already. These functions will only need to be activated.

Examples of information in permalinks

Permalinks can then be automatically generated by a variety of complementary information in addition. Thus, for example, the month or the exact date in the URL are included. The discovery of relevant articles and reports is still easier, or even at the web address can be seen, comes from when the page content. Other options are the inclusion of relevant keywords or category terms.

URLs on the second date exactly

The blog and CMS system Wordpress example, there is the possibility for automated integration of the publication year or month. Up on the exact day, hour, minute and second, the publication of data is copied into the URL. The corresponding tags are:

  • % Year%
  • % Month%
  • % Day%
  • % Hour%
  • % Minute%
  • % Second%
Other possibilities are specifying the assignment of a unique ID number of the article, the inclusion of the author's name, etc. 

Permalinks are a great way to provide a better structure of Web sites. URLs have a "cleaner" and more convenience for Internet users. Permalinks may also help with search engine optimization and increase the crawler friendliness of online services.

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