Wednesday, September 12, 2012

White site seo promotion: how is it done?

White site seo promotion
Attracting customers online always starts in progress, or "promotion", company website or store. Everyone is trying to get on the first page of search results. But the methods used for this are different, and not very honest. Depending on the progress of the methods can be "white", "gray" or "black."

White site promotion takes time and effort, the continuous flow of content. "Black" is the promotion of a more rapid and spectacular, but as a result of site risks being "banned" by search engines. Therefore, marketers recommend natural progression, calling him a white site promotion. Its stages can be described as search engines to attract attention, increase page ranking, increased relevance of search results and, finally, results analysis and adjustment of marketing strategy. Now more about the Four are.
  • Robots
A newly created website should catch the eye of the search engines. To pass filters Google and Bing will take time. But when the pages are indexed, users can find them in their inquiries. Speeds indexing your site, first, its clear structure, convenient search engines. Helps you find the presence of robots "smart» xml-card, and a careful application of the "keys" and the placement of incoming links. (By the way, they are buying - it is gray promotion). Article marketing is also working for you. Do not forget to register the tools for webmasters Google, Microsoft and Yahoo.
  • Ranking
Most visitors to click a link on the first page of search results. Deserve high rank websites, useful and interesting to visitors in terms of robots.

Regularly check the position of your site through analytic tools. Optimize the content of those pages are visited less. Snakebite site system cross-references for the convenience of users. Updated content, improve usability, take care of the positive reviews.
  • Relevance
Increase sales is possible only if you refer to the site so called. relevant traffic - that is, the flow of visitors interested in your products and services. Search engines analyze the behavior of each user, and strive to improve the relevance of search results.

Assess the demand for the proposed product, service, using Google Analytic and Web Visor. Which queries lead visitors to your website? Picking up the key words and phrases, optimize site content. It makes sense for a while to buy ad content to see the possibilities of progress.
  • Findings
With the tools, analysts periodically to assess the progress. How many visitors came to the site and what needs? How long they stay on the site? What pages viewed more often? How many visitors make a purchase from an online store? Rose a stream of customers to your business? In order to increase sales of white site seo promotion should be complemented by a competent internet marketing strategy - then your business will be successful.

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